Single Origin Specialty Hemp Seed Coffee

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We select single origin farms from around the world that meet all the criteria for the healthy happy beans we like to roast. These farms change between the seasons and coffee harvest quality. Always check to see what new origins are being roasted.

Hemp Seed blend brings out a nutty/earthy aroma on top of the coffee with pleasant tea-like characters across the palette complimenting the natural characteristics of a Central/South American bean which include notes like chocolate and hazelnuts.

Our sustainable super coffee is pre-ground and hand blended.
We use a blend of intelligently sourced hemp seeds, hearts, and coffee beans creating a smooth drinking coffee while dramatically reducing the acidity. Hemp is high in amino acids, GLA, essential fats and minerals. Coffee contains V-B2, V-B5, B2, and specialized acids which can increase dopamine, epinephrine, and metabolic rates.
Bringing hemp and coffee together may increase memory, focus, happiness and your overall quality of life.

This product contains no CBD or THC nor will you fail a drug test by consuming this product.